With a shortage of used equipment, now is the time to consider evaluating you equipment needs. With more than 20 years experience, CPR- a Schwing Company, can provide a FREE equipment evaluation of your fleet to go over the options for current and future capital equipment needs, whether it be to:

  • Trade-in your old equipment for a new pump purchase
  • Sell your older under-utilized pumps outright
  • Refurbish your existing fleet, CPR’s Equipment Evaluation can help.

Refurbishing can add years of service to your pump. Factory-level services include:

  • New pump kits (differentials, brain, water box, pumping cylinders, rams & switching cylinders, valves)
  • Material cylinder replacement
  • Rock Valve rebuilding
  • Factory updates
  • Boom inspection and repair
  • Rewired electrical systems
  • Rebuilt hydraulics
  • Truck repairs or re-trucking a used pump

To request your Free Fleet Evaluation complete the evaluation form. CPR will contact you to discuss your pump and get started on long-term cost savings with CPR.

Schwing Certified Pre-Owned – “We Build it, We Back it”

Trust your Pre-Owned Purchase to the factory that built it. Only Schwing has the resources to advise you on the best pre-owned pump for your needs. Our research can track a concrete pump from its delivery to its current condition. Schwing’s archive of service reports and bulletins assures you that your pre-owned pump has been updated to the latest safety and performance parameters. View our inventory or call our remarketing specialist. We may have an owner ready to sell the pump that fits your needs at an attractive price.

Get More For Your Trade

Trust the remarketing of your trade-in or underutilized pump to the company that knows it best. Schwing’s global network gives you access to qualified buyers who have a need for reliable used concrete pumps. That’s why Schwing pumps have the best resale value in the world. Get an appraisal from our remarketing specialists before you sell on the open market. Maximize your trade value and take advantage of the tax benefits that may result from trading in your pump. We are interested in your trade-in on a new or used concrete pump. Contact our remarketing specialists to see about upsizing to a larger pump or trading for a specialty pump to expand your pumping potential.


Select your Pre-Owned pump and choose to recondition it with Schwing. You will benefit from OEM levels of quality and craftsmanship along with Genuine Schwing parts. Everyone knows a Pre-Owned Schwing is a great investment. Often, reconditioned Schwings offer better value than new pumps from other manufacturers. Contact your regional manager for more information.

Pre-Owned Purchase Options

Schwing can provide factory-level service and repair to bring your pre-owned purchase to the level that meets your needs and budget. Buy with confidence when you choose any of the following treatments for your pre-owned concrete pump.


  • Functional Working Order (will start, run & pump concrete)
  • Includes at least one Remote Control (wired and/or radio)
  • General Sales Terms with No Warranty Expressed or Implied
  • Delivery not included



  • Good & Functional Working Order
  • Includes Radio & Cable Remote Controls
  • New Schwing Certified Boom Inspection & Repairs to Boom Made if Needed
  • New DOT Inspection & Repairs Made to Comply
  • Truck Serviced (Lube, Oil & Filters)
  • General Sales Terms with No Warranty Expressed or Implied


50% Reconditioned

  • New Boom Pipe & Elbows
  • Reseal Differential Cylinders & New 10” Rams
  • New Agitator Shaft Ends & Bushings
  • New Carbide Wear Parts & Cutting Ring
  • New Pressure Spring & Kidney Seal
  • All E-Stops & Grate Switch rebuilt or new
  • New Hydraulic Filters & Fluid
  • Paint Boom & Back End/Hopper Area, Touch up sides as possible
  • Misc. Hydraulic & Electrical Repairs As Needed to Bring Unit to Original Factory Specs.
  • New Tip Hose, Outrigger Pads, Toolbox, Cleanout Rake, Manuals
  • 60 Day Limited Warranty on Non-Wear Pump Parts (see General Sales Terms)


100% Reconditioned

  • New Hydraulic Hoses in Turret & Replacement of any Worn or Frayed Hoses
  • New Deck Pipe & Elbows
  • New Material Cylinders
  • New Wearing Inserts
  • Rebuild & Reseal Switching Cylinder
  • New Bushings & Rock Shaft Seals
  • Unit cleaned, Hand Sanded, Prepped, Primed & Painted Customer Colors Like New
  • New Tires: Typically 425/65 R22.5 Steers, 11 R22.5 Drives
  • 90 Day Limited Warranty on Non-Wear Pump Parts (see General Sales Terms)