New S 36 X Option Supports Up to 45-foot Tremie

A new option has been introduced for the Schwing S 36 X concrete pump that allows users to safely support up to 1100-pounds from the boom. The new tip section can be used to support a tremie pipe up to 45-feet long providing the wall thickness is not more than .125-inches. This new option eliminates the need for a crane to support the tremie pipe. The tremie method of concrete placement immerses the pipe in fresh concrete so that the rising concrete from the bottom displaces the water without washing out the cement content. The method is often used to pump caissons.
“In order to serve our customers who want to hang pipe from the tip section, we have engineered a safe solution for those jobs that require a tremie,” according to Tom O’Malley vice-president sales and marketing for Schwing. The S 36 X with 4-section Roll and Fold boom offers 115’6” of vertical reach in standard configuration and 101-feet with the tremie tip section.

A statement from CONCO, Concord, CA, purchasers of the first two S 36 Xs with the tremie option, states, “A large part of getting the job done right is having the right equipment to do the job. Conco’s new Schwing S 36 X concrete pumps with tremie option are designed to be the right equipment to assist us in better serving the project specific challenges of our drilling customers.” The key reason a Roll and Fold boom works best for tremie applications is the full 180 degrees articulation at the 2/3 knuckle is on the working side of the boom.

The standard pump kit on the S 36 X is the 2025-5 120/80 with 178 cu.yd./hr. output. The large diameter 10-inch pumping cylinders promote long-life with slow stroking action that maintains volume and output. The pump uses the completely rebuildable Big Rock sequencing valve with extended housing for efficient filling of the material cylinders even with harsh mixes.

Other features include the Vector control system that allows two-way communication between the concrete pump and operator at the radio remote box. The control system also maintains a record of the pumping operation for use in managing maintenance and record keeping.

For more information on the tremie tip section option for the S 36 X and all other information on the Schwing line of concrete pumps, visit or call 1-888-SCHWING.