Schwing Builds Twin Steer Peterbilt for Long Boom

November 5, 2013. St. Paul, MN. The first twin-steer Peterbilt chassis for a boom pump has been delivered by Schwing. The Peterbilt 320 was modified to accommodate an S 45 SX concrete pump with placing boom. The 320 features corrosion-resistant aluminum/ fiberglass construction for industry leading cab life and excellent driver comfort. The cab-over design features an impressive 40-degree wheel cut for easy maneuvering on congested construction sites and tight urban environments.

Standard engine in the Model 320 is the six-cylinder Cummins ISX12, available with options from 310 to 425 horsepower and peak torque from 1,150 to 1,650 pound-feet. The Cummins After-treatment System on the ISX12 combines a proprietary Cummins Particulate Filter with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, functioning as a single unit. Designing and building the package in-house allows Cummins to calibrate the engine for optimum performance and near-zero emissions.

The high efficiency of the aftertreatment frees the engine to generate higher horsepower while also saving fuel. Improved fuel economy not only lowers fuel consumption—it also reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The recommended maintenance intervals on the particulate filter is every 300,000 miles. For concrete pump applications, the Peterbilt 320 is available with front axle packages to 20,000 pounds single or 36,000 pounds tandem. Rear axles are available to 60,000 pounds tandem. Tri-axle configurations are also available.

Manual and automatic transmissions are offered as well as many other options to tailor the truck to individual requirements. An industry-leading 65-degree cab tilt provides technicians easy access to key service points for improved serviceability and reduced downtime. Peterbilt’s 250-plus dealer locations across North America provide convenient parts availability and service. For more information on truck selection for Schwing boom pumps, call 1-888-SCHWING or visit