Schwing S 46 SX Introduced


A new truck-mounted concrete pump with placing boom has been introduced by Schwing. The S 46 SX will replace the popular S 45 SX that has been an outstanding performer for more than 17 years. The company has reengineered the tip section, lengthened the reach and designed the new model to be equipped with 125 mm (5-inch) pipeline. The current S 47 SX will continue with 112 mm (4.5-inch) on the tip section only. “In our continuing process of improving existing models and reacting to the market, we were able to add this small but significant enhancement to an existing model,” explains Tom O’Malley, Schwing’s vice-president sales and marketing.

The S 46 SX employs the proven Overhead Roll and Fold Boom utilized by pumpers and contractors for commercial projects and bridge-work. The four-section boom’s versatility provides high utilization with 738.5-degrees of articulation with the design advantage of always unfolding towards the pour area. With 151-feet of vertical reach, the S 46 SX easily pumps out medium rise buildings while providing thousands of feet of coverage from one set-up. On slabs and bridge decks the new pump’s 137-feet of horizontal reach and 380-degree slewing range allows maximum production from one location.

Standard features on the S 46 SX include Schwing’s exclusive Super X Outriggers that telescope out and around obstacles due to their curved design. The design of the outriggers allows for the long-stroking Schwing Generation 2 pumpkit to fit between the twin-steer chassis frame rails. With 98-inches of stroke and 10-inch diameter material cylinders, the standard 2525H-6 120/85 MPS is able to operate slower while maintaining high volume for longer service life and a smoother boom. The Big Rock Valve with extended housing for filling efficiency of the material cylinders combines with the pumpkit for up to 213-cubic yards per hour.

Controlling the boom is the Schwing exclusive wireless radio remote with bidirectional transmission between the pump and operator. With two-way communication, operators are fully informed of the pump’s status even when they are hundreds of feet from the pump. The proven Vector control system will continue to provide real world benefits and valuable data for pump management.

For more information on the new S 46 SX and the entire line of Schwing concrete equipment, visit or call 1-888-SCHWING.